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I’ve got a Big Sky Booya coming at ya!

If you have been awake in the past year there is no doubt that you have heard of Jim Cramer. Perhaps you know of him as an author of a book called “Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World“.   Perhaps you know of Cramer as a radio host. You may connect the image of Jim Cramer to an investing guru. The most probable thing that comes to your mind is the Jim Cramer we all know and love, the super energetic master of the stock market and host to Jim Cramer’s Mad Money on CNBC.

No matter what you think of the show itself, Cramer gives out really solid advice. It takes a little getting used to his excitement level and the raw unforgiving energy abundant in the show.

“**some company**’s is going up, WAAAAAAYYYY UP!!!!” Cramer will exclaim while slamming buttons on his soundboard – honka honka honka cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching.

Some of the terms may require a little interpretation in order to get past that feeling you will get of being overwhelmed.

  • Booya! – This expression was originally used by geeks as a statement of excitement and a little self gratification.   Cramer adapted it to be a little more of a greeting, and often adds modifiers. So If I called up and said I was from Montana, he might say ‘and a Big Sky Booya right back at ya!’
  • Are you ready skeedaddy? – Cramer will use this phrase to get you pumped up and excited because we’re about to go into the lightning round.
  • Lightning round – During the typical episode Cramer takes phone calls back to back. He will take stock picks and let you know what he thinks of it on the spot.
  • Coach’s challenge – If somebody on the phone starts pumping a stock Cramer will basically stop them in their tracks and issue a coach’s challenge.
  • Red Flag – When Cramer issues a coach’s challenge he throws a red flag at the camera.
  • Mr. Cramer – Cramer doesn’t like to be referred to as Mr. Cramer, because that is his dad.
  • Dr. Cramer – Some episodes Cramer will put on a doctor-s coat and do a segment called “Am I Nuts?” where “patients” will ask if they are crazy for their investments or investment ideas.
  • Back up the truck – If your portfolio was a truck, back it to the loading dock because we need to fill up on a bunch of this stock. If Cramer recommends a stock that goes down shortly after, he may issue a back up the truck.
  • ‘mon back – This is essentially the same as having a “Back up the truck” but it is sometimes given when changing positions on a stock. If something was favored, moved out of the limelight, and now it’s coming back we might get a ‘mon back.
  • Cramarica- Cramer’s fictional country.
  • THE BOOK – Cramer gets really excited when somebody mentions his book. He never brings it up by himself, but when somebody else does he certainly plays it up.
  • Bulls make money. Bears make money. Hogs get slaughtered. – This is saying that Cramer uses a lot. My thoughts on this are as follows:  Bulls are the people who buy the stock because it’s going up. Then Bears are the short sellers. And Hogs are the people who hold on to a stock until it is too late.
  • Schnitzel off the top – If there is an increase in the stocks price, once you have made a profit sell off a thin slice so that you don’t end up in the house of pain if the stock drops.

So there you have it, The Aridni Guide to translating James Cramer! In the spirit of him, “There’s always a bull market somewhere! I promise to try and find it for you. I’ll see you tomorrow!”