Saturday Strategy: life is a game– do you get it? - Aridni
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Saturday Strategy: life is a game– do you get it?

Life is like a complex game, you either get it or you don’t. A person understands the game or “gets it” by figuring out how the world works and knowing how to get the things that she wants. The world works as a system; if you learn that system you will have an advantage over everybody else.

Each person has one or more games of her own that she can really excel at. When you know your game and know how to play, gosh you need to start making your moves. Some people buy, sell, and trade property to earn their profits like in Monopoly; others play day by day or card by card in the lone game of Solitaire; while other people invest in businesses and live from the end-of-the-month paycheck in the game Payday.

Currently I am playing the game of Life. I am at the very start of the game with a whole life still to live, not really sure what I’ll become a guru in, which is where Aridni comes in. I must make plans now, but be willing to accept the challenges that face me as I proceed through this game of Life. As I begin my future career I will be adding other games. I will learn the system and discover more fully how the world works.

Which game are you becoming the master of?

Michelle, our guest writer this week, pinches her pennies so that she can give them to others. She sings like a bird, sews up a storm, and can’t stop thinking about charity bike rides across the country. We think she rocks!