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The Carnival is coming to town!

The carnival is coming! The carnival is coming!

Actually make that two carnivals and one festival. In a little while we will be hosting the “Carnival of Debt Reduction,” “The Festival of Frugality,” and lastly “Carnival of Personal Finance”

In case you aren’t familiar with these carnivals, they collect the best articles from the internet for the week and compile links to them all together.

This week Aridni is featured in “The Carnival of Debt Reduction,” “The Carnival of Personal Finance,” “The Carnival of Investing,” and tomorrow will bring the “Festival of Frugality.” (updated to include link)

We will be hosting The Carnival of Debt Reduction on Monday, June 12.

The next day on the 13th we will be running The Festival of Frugality.

A while down the road we will be hosting The Carnival of Personal Finance on Sept 5.