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Getting Up After the Crash

Projects fail to come together.
Programs take to long to write.
People argue, condemn, and pass blame.
Businesses lay people off.
Accidents happen that cripple and paralyze people.
Websites are built, and traffic is disappointing.
Sales are disappointing.

Now What?

Everyone has setbacks.  Many people are not where they want to be.  If you have hurdles in front of you, get over them!  If it’s a wall, break through it.

What if you fall flat on your face?  What if that wall is to tall, to think, and to strong and you crash right into it.  The wall stands unaffected, while you lay defeated.  It could be your ego, your wallet, or your business (or a combination of the 3) that takes the hit leaving you decimated, but so what?

You have the choice, accept this failure as reality and sink into a pit of depression and despair, or regroup and get past the wall.  It may be that this current wall takes a number of assaults before it comes crumbling down.  Every wall can be brought down. (Just ask Ronald Reagan)

“If you think you are beaten, you are.” – Walter D. Wintle

Get out there and make things happen.  You can think about what went wrong forever, but if you don’t take another step forward then it really is just a waste of time.

This is not a ‘ra ra go team go’ optimistic post and it may seem to overly simplify your problems.  If that’s the case for you, I apologize that you are choosing to not get up.  Tragic things happen and it can be difficult to move on, but are you going to let it control who you become?

Even if it is difficult, keep fighting.  Change your strategy.  Sharpen your saw.  Seek out guidance from people who have overcame challenges and you can trust.

You can make things better.  And next time something goes wrong, you can get up quicker.