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Carnival of Business

Welcome to the carnival of business. It looks like everyone has quite a bit of reading to do because we’ve got a lot of great articles for you to read.

Scott Allen is up first with his article Pricing IS Marketing posted at Entrepreneur’s Guide.

Shay has just launched his new web business Boomawang. It’s in the format of an online magazine coming out once a week. It looks good so far!

David Maister presents Alignment and Accountability posted at David Maister’s Passion, People and Principles.

Ohad Gliksman presents Google VS Microsoft posted at Ohad’s Internet News. See how google’s entrance into the online office application market will affect MS’s plans

Supermom_in_ny breaks down what her motivations are and asks what yours are Home Based Businesses: What Motivates Me to Succeed posted at Getting Out of Debt.

Steve presents Team Building – Four Stages posted at Small Business CEO.

Henry Habgood has an idea on how we should handle Customer Service for the e-business owner posted at The Online Lifestyle.

Trent presents Hewitt (HEW): When a Share Buyback Should be Viewed as a Warning posted at Stock Market Beat.

A Samuel presents Munich property shortage posted at Off Plan Properties Blog.

Chris Brunner is next up to help you start Reducing Taxable Income Through Retirement Funds posted at The Small Business Buzz.

Starling gives us some thoughts on Cruises and Cruising posted at The Business of America is Business.

Daniel Scocco presents First Mover Advantage Revisited posted at Future Tech Web.

Dave Lorenzo gives usStep One to a New E-mail Lifestyle posted at Career Intensity Blog – David V. Lorenzo.

Black presents Online business – Blogging money fantasy – can you make a living blogging posted at Leverage Your Effort.

Harrison presents The 10 “Q” in Business