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A finance website can’t say that!

The strongest values of a successful person may surprise you. The thing that matters most isn’t the amount of stuff or the abundance of wealth associated to their names. A truly successful person knows what her money can buy, yet she’s capable of passing up on most of the cluttersome stuff.

These people don’t focus their time on having the latest fashion or gizmos. Their focus lies somewhere else. Their greatest values are:
1. personal integrity: successful people believe in themselves, and they don’t surrender to the ideas that others think they should hold. They stand true to themselves. They stand truthful to others.
2. discovery: they’ll keep on learning, not only from texts, but from life. Trying something new seems natural. Attending lectures, cultural events, and fundraisers seem natural and intriguing. They go at it with an open mind.
3. relationships: a successful person isn’t out there on his or her own. These people have a strong support system of friends and family. They encourage successful people to grow, and friends and family make successful people laugh. On the flip, friends and family are also there when her life’s not as rosy.

We write about money, talk about money, and think about money on Aridni. You have to remember your reason for this cash focus – security, pleasure, freedom, opportunity. Yeah, every successful person seeks out more money. But don’t lose everything else in exchange for money. Follow these morals to gain some sense of pride in your achievement. It’s a support system capable of taking you anywhere.