Are you climbing to the top when there is no top? - Aridni
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Are you climbing to the top when there is no top?

When dreaming of the $$ paycheck, take a look at the work environment. How much is the big guy making? Chances are, you’ll never top that income no matter if you’re the greatest thing the company has ever seen since they threw out the last typewriter’which can be a bad thing if the CEO only makes $30,000.

For example, I considered a company that seemed pretty cool. Everyone but the owner was in his or her 20’s and didn’t seem to have much direction or a plan for now. They were all on the same level; they all got paid around the same amount. If I started working there, I’d be at the same level after training. Demand for this job was HOT! But why? You can’t grow with the company other than in years. Everyone does the same job, and the company probably can’t steer you toward your dream job anywhere.

I think it’s important to keep your long-term goals in focus beyond a paycheck for today no matter how cool a job description looks on their website.