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The Aridni Goal

Nothing survives around this pit–not an insect, blade of grass, or even weed. The acidic dirt eats the soles off a miner’s boots. The rusty water that fills the 900-feet deep, 1-mile wide pit could dissolve metal. Winter temperatures often drop to negative 50 degrees; yet the water cannot freeze. This picture is of an open-pit mine where billions of dollars worth of copper, silver, gold, and other resources were stripped. Can you imagine the profits that a couple of guys made off of this land? Billions and billions!Berkeley Pit

Now over $700 million has been spent in our lifetimes to clean mining waste in the county. Has a dent even been made in the waste? Sure doesn’t seem so. Thousands of gallons of water seep into the pit and become intoxicated. And another pit is being mind beside the first one! But there are some rich families out there somewhere. They moved.

Who cares?

We find the idea of growing money fascinating. Yet we grew up two miles south of this pit. We’ve seen first hand what greed can do to people. Money isn’t everything. In fact, money should be the means to obtaining your goals. If you feel good about your money behaviors, then earning more money can enhance your feelings and spread a positive experience to others. Is it wrong to want to be a wealthy person? How are you getting that wealth?

Money is like a hammer; it can build lives and communities or it can destroy them.

Anyone can be a millionaire

There’s no reason why nearly everyone couldn’t become a millionaire. The real challenge is: can a person be wealthy and still hold some level of integrity? We’re not going to share tips on getting ten $50 bonuses from some credit card company when you enroll over and over without being caught.  Or as Katie always says, “You can save money by cutting your dryer sheets in half, but building wealth is more than that.”

Anyone can become a millionaire. Our goal is to help our readers do so with integrity. Money by itself means nothing; it has no power. Your thoughts on money are what give money its strength.

Money isn’t the root of all evil; the obsession and love of money sound a bit more accurate. Can your ideas of making money mean that someone else loses? Or can you make more money without hurting others?

Our purpose:

1. We want money to work for us instead of working for money
2. We want to accomplish #1 in a way that can serve the greater good

None of us are wealthy by any means yet. We’re not experts looking back on our wealth. Instead, we’re studying and exploring ways to gain wealth, and we want to take you on our journey. We’re approaching the rat race of 9-5 and refusing to accept that this lifestyle is the only solution. Instead, we’re looking at society and demanding something better for ourselves and it’s something we’ve never learned through any of our schooling (including college finance courses).

Change of habits

We think that it’s time to stop looking for ways to cut expenses and reorganize the pie chart of our finances. Instead, we want to find a way to expand our pie charts. We want to find a way to increase our pie charts. But we’re not going to rip up the earth to do it!