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Time: what I’ve learned in my 90 years

Time is the mysterious and invisible “something” granted by our Creator as the roadway of the soul.

The flow of time is graphically recorded throughout nature and although seemingly infinite, all persons are allotted the same amount each day… no more, no less. One can neither buy it, sell it, nor barter it. Lost or unused time vanishes as a shadow in darkness, never to be found again.

Upon the skein of time are woven life’s patterns from the threads of love, joy, sadness, and pain. It is the magical element that heals the deepest wounds and lessens the spectacular.

Yesterday is dead time.
Tomorrow is unborn time.
The now time is the only live time.

Therefore, fill each waking moment with the highest you know and understand. Let the fertile moments of today spawn greater works for tomorrow.

This week’s guest writer, Duane, posts his above work in the bathroom of his airport hangar. At 90 years old, Duane continues to operate his own airport, take visitors on scenic flights, fix airplanes, and teach people to fly. Duane is the epitome of happiness–he holds passion for the aerial business in a way that few people love their career focus. He’ll kiss a girl’s hand or cheek, invite you for ice cream, show you his favorite websites and e-mail his friends, and hop up and down with cheer when he emerges from his plane work. He has the money for his dreams… that’s all he wants, all he needs.

Duane, you’re an Aridni hero.