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Festival of Frugality #146

Quite a few entries in this Festival of Frugality, and not quite all of them made the cut! But here are some of those that did make it. Next week’s host is going to be Mighty Bargain Hunter. Enjoy.

Cash Money Life believes that Your Credit Score is About to Become More Valuable

Ready for the holidays? R presents Reining in Holiday Spending and Stress

Speaking of holidays, Ashley presents A frugal Halloween: homemade costumes

And since Halloween isn’t here yet, FFB presents Before You Buy That Halloween Costume.

Squawkfox presents Recipes: Gross, Easy, and Frugal Halloween Foods for Kids

The days are getting shorter, and the nights colder so Kelly from Almost Frugal presents Stay Warmer in Cold Weather: Five Frugal Tips.

What exactly is quality of life Daphne Lim asks? Three Times As Good, One-Third As Much.

Check out Cade Krueger’s offering to learn How Do I Find And Choose A Good Franchise Business Opportunity?

Ready to axe some taxes? Sam presents How to Lower Your Taxes

Amy @ The Q Family presents 13 Ways to Save on Gas to help you be more efficient with your fuel consumption.

A popular topic this week, RC continues with How to Save Money on Gas- Fact vs. Fiction

Redd Horrocks-Maier presents Frugal Food – Three Ideas for Frugal Dinners

Heather Levin presents some great Tips to Lower Your Monthly Bills.

Along the same vein, FIRE Finance presents 12 Tips To Lower Your Heating Bill

Sam presents 10 Smart State Income-Tax Saving Strategies.

Michael Bass presents a sneaky little trick How to get a cell phone with no i.d., no passport, and no credit card.

Tiffany Washko presents Helping Each Other During a Recession.

The Shark Investor lets us know how to Build Wealth By Moving Away.

Terence Gillepie presents How To Sell Your House Without Using A Realtor.

Lise gives us her results from a study on female frugality with The results: women spend more on personal appearance.

Check out this project from fwp DIY clothesline from (past) hobbies

David G. Mitchell wants to give us some perspective on how to Change Your Eating Habits to Save Money

Frugal Dad presents Being A Full-Time Parent Has More To Do With Sacrifice Than Luck and helps us take a look at what is actually going on with parenthood and money issues.

If you’re going to rent movies, you might as well be smart about it. Cash Money Life presents Blockbuster vs. Netflix

There are a lot of useful things that people leave by the curb side in the hopes that someone else will adopt them. Shadox presents Curb-Side Freebies

Wenchypoo brings us Frugality as a Recession Fighter and Depression Killer (L-O-N-G) over at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Save On Travel: When and Where To Go for the Cheapest Travel Rates is brought to us by The Smarter Wallet.

Super Saver presents Finding Lower Gas Prices

J. Money shares his tale about how Bananas and Hair Spray tought me everything on inflation

It’s not just a fad! LAL presents Growing up frugal

“Wouldn’t it be great if, just like a fat-cat banker on Wall Street, you and I could call up the Secretary of the Treasury and say “Well Mr. Secretary, it seems like the risk analysis I ran for the cost of my child’s college education was WAY off, and gosh, thanks to that forecasting error, the amounts I reserved to cover tuition and other costs just aren’t going to be anywhere near enough. So… how about one of those bailout thingies you guys are so good at?” Tushar Mathur presents Looking For A College Fund Bailout

Jim presents Butcher Your Own Chicken.

Sun presents Keep My Money Safe and Let It Grow.

Ready to get a good deal on something? Free Money Finance presents Six Times It’s Easy to Ask for a Discount.

Rich Leverage presents How Much Does Your Money Matter to You?

Ryan Suenaga has a heck of a manual, The Internet: Repair and Do it Yourself Manual for Everything

Dorian Wales reminds us that The Credit Crisis Presents a Rare Opportunity for Learning and Experience.

sherin asks us How do you prepare for losing your job?

At one point or another, everyone needs to know How To Save Money As A Student.

Kris who happens to be in the know tips us off to Five Ways to Save on Wedding Food: A Guest’s View

Need to get out of the house? Aryn presents 9 Frugal Fall Entertainment Options

Until Debt Do US Part lets us know about how Renting is better than buying and here’s why

Mercedes wants you to know that living frugally and cheaply are entirely different things. So with that, here is Please Don’t Call Me Cheap