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Much ado about popcorn – How to sell more

Can you name some mundane things that seem to happen the exact same on a constant basis? How about a couple of people who all use the same set of phrases over and over? Then there are kids who come to your door selling overpriced food for some unnamed organization.

Are they all reaching the maximum possible profits? Perhaps they are, but more likely they are stuck in a rut.

Just because everyone does something one way does not make it the best way. It doesn’t even mean it’s going to make you money. It just makes it the way the majority of people do things.

My whole life I have been interested in finding ways to maximize profits in whatever project I am working with. I became the top popcorn seller in my troop and here are some of the top tips that I have found to be helpful.

Believe in yourself – even if you aren’t the best.
You need to present the best image possible, and that starts on the inside. I’m not going to have you chant phrases to build up some positive self confidence, but if that’s what it take!¦

Believe in your product – even if it isn’t the best.
If I would have told people that the gourmet popcorn that I was selling them was simply overpriced bags of dried corn, than I would never have been the top seller and our troop would never have made it to summer camp.

Always refine your method – even if you make a sale 90% of the time
When I was off selling my popcorn, I always wanted to sell more in the same amount of area. It became obvious that timing was crucial. You can’t sell to people who aren’t home.

Always refine your method – even if you make a sale 99% of the time
Once I had somebody open their door, I was given precious seconds to convince the person both that I was trustworthy and that it would benefit both of us. They would get to have some delicious popcorn. I would get to sit under a tree and whittle a stick.

Smile – even if things aren’t going your way.
Even though I just told you that I was not going to make you chant or do lots of self esteem exercises, I am still going to ask you to smile. If you smile you will present a better image than someone who doesn’t.  It can really stand out among the crowd and steps you above the rest.

These are the lessons that I have taken from door to door popcorn sales years ago. I have found them to be very useful to me in many more places, they are very applicable.