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People don’t read in a predictable, orderly way.

This article written by Todd

People don’t read in a predictable, orderly way.
That is number ten in a list of fifteen called ‘Powerful Psychological Secrets of Direct Mail.’  Sounds interesting huh!  Anyways why I am bringing up number ten here?  Because it is the first one that I read.

The actual paragraph says, “People seldom read in a linear fashion, beginning to end.  They skip around, try to find meaning quickly, and usually don’t read closely unless they are interested.”

Why did I go directly to this one part of the list?  It was in the middle of the page, but it does not jump out any more than any of the others.  The others are not significantly more or less interesting or valuable.  I randomly stopped on this one, and it happened to describe exactly what I was doing.

So apparently randomly reading portions of papers and emails is closer to the norm than I thought.

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Google and Virgin team up to go to Mars!

This article written by Todd

Richard Branson, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin are ready to start life on Mars.  They have just announced their new partnership ‘Virgil – The Adventure of Many Lifetimes’

The goal of course is to set up a full time colony on Mars.  If you want to apply, you can take their questionnaire to see if you have what it takes.  It might be wise to have sent them an email yesterday.  Fortunately thanks to another new Google application on the Gmail side of things, you can!

I can’t wait to see what some of the other websites and companies come up with today.