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Eliminate the Things that Irritate You

Have you ever noticed how many little things never get done because you’re so busy focusing on important things and urgent things? Look around your environment, and you’ll probably find over fifty of these things – e-mail accounts that need cleaned out, pictures that need framed or hung, products that need to be returned, faucets that need repaired… Trying to conquer all of these little chores would be impossible.

Yet finishing a few small tasks might actually boost your attitude.

Every time I see the charm that needs a chain, I get horribly depressed for a moment. I only see the unfinished necklace once a week or so, yet every time, it lowers my mood. There’s one thing I’m not getting taken care of. Why not take fifteen minutes to get a chain and be done with it? Why don’t you take care of your little things. We all know why we don’t. We have a million reasons and a million other things that are more important.

For the next week, I challenge you to start tackling some of these nagging areas that you neglect. Every time you take care of another box of clutter or flush out unused bookmarks on your computer, you’ll get a small boost. It’s a jolt without the caffine. You’ll feel better about yourself and your day. More positive energy feels great. Your mind will feel refreshed and ready to tackle other things… like that net worth.